Here at Revolver, we're just like you. We love products that are engineered well, that perform faultlessly, that use the latest design principles and are priced reasonably.

We are small enough to be an extremely agile company that can deliver exceptional customer service and take on bespoke design projects, while at the same time having the in-house machinery and capacity to support dealers with volume orders.

Most of all, we "get it". Our team is comprised entirely of highly skilled engineers and tradesmen, all possessing one important and irreplaceable attribute – passion.

We know that your connection to your car is more love affair than daily commute, we can sympathise with your goals and challenges and we too have high-octane blood pumping through our hearts.

Our philosophy is to re-imagine and recreate historic designs of old using today's technological offerings. We are not just keeping the dream alive, we are keeping it alive and putting it on the front row of the grid.

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